How to get a new account

To get an account on the website, please send the following information to Mark Hartz:

  • Full Name
    • Enter full name, e.g. John Smith.
  • E-mail
  • User Name
    • Usually something like 'jsmith'. No spaces or special characters. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. This is the name used to log in.
  • First name
    • Given name(s)
  • Family name
  • Institution
    • Primary institution (typically your employer)
  • Country
    • Country where your primary institution is located
  • Job title
    • Current position (undergrad, grad student, postdoc, professor, staff, emeritus)
  • Supervisor name
    • Name(s) of supervisor (required for students only)
  • Start date
  • End date
    • Enter expected or actual date to leaving this working group (if applicable - work term students, for example)